• Full color high speed industrial digital camera

Priority ensuring high efficiency, high quality and high stability to take pictures, re-enactment the real and natural image effect。

  • Windows XP Operation System

   The software architecture is based on 32-bit system and has been continuously upgraded to ensure its stable, accurate and reliable use effect.

  • High cost performance practical model

The customer’s use effect is the best witness.

  • Cost effective product line

The sales volume is rising section by section, help customers solve AOI confusion.

  • Annular stereo multi-channel color light
  • RGB/RGBW/RGBR/RWBR optional base on demands.
  • Lens resolution can be set flexibly

When dealing with different production scenarios, the range between 10 and 25um can be changed at any time.

  • Accurate analysis of wave solder joint

After wave soldering, there is more tin, less tin, tin hole, tin connection, exposed or non-exposed pins.

ApplicationAfter stencil printing, pre/post reflow oven, pre/post wave soldering, FPC etc.
Program modeManual programming, CAD data importing
Stencil printing: Solder unavailability, insufficient or excessive solder, solder misalignment, bridging, stain, scratch etc.
Inspection ItemsComponent defect: missing or excessive component, misalignment, uneven, edging, opposite mounting, wrong or bad component etc.
Inspection systemSoldering defect: excessive or missing solder, empty soldering, bridging, solder ball, IC NG ,copper stain etc.
Calculation MethodColor calculation, color extraction, gray scale operation, image contrast, OCV/OCR etc.
Inspection modePCB fully covered, with bad marking function
SPC statistics functionFully record the test data and make analysis, with high flexibility to check production and quality status
Component AngleSupport 0 ~ 359 ° rotation, with a minimum angle distance of 1 °
Minimum component0201 chip, 0.3 pitch IC
Camera5 million pix full color high speed industrial digital camera
Optical systemLens resolution10um/15um/18um/20um/25um, can be customized
lighting sourceAnnular stereo multi-channel color light, RGB/RGBW/RGBR/RWBR  base on demand,  optional top axial light.
OSWindows XP, 32bit
Monitor22 inch,16:10
Computer systemVGABuild in graphic card, (discrete graphic optional)
CPUIntel core
LanguageChinese and English
SoftwareAccess right controlAdministrator, programmer and operator three-level login permission control
Moving and inspection modeManual taking board in and out, Y servo motor driving PCB, X servo motor driving camera
PCB fixed modeAutomatic fixture
PCB dimension20*20mm(Min)~450*350mm(Max), can be customized
PCB thickness0.3~5.0mm
PCB weightMax:3KG
PCB edge3mm,can be custom-made base on need
PCB bending<5mm or 3% of PCB Diagonal length
Mechanical systemPCB component heightTop:35mm,Bottom:75mm Adjustable, can be custom-made base on need
XY driving systemAC servo motor, precise ball screw
XY moving speedMax:830mm/s
XY positioning accuracy≦8um
Machine dimensionL1120 * W900 * H1400 mm
General parametersPCB height from ground820±20mm
Machine weight400KG
Safety standardCE safety standard
Environment temperature and humidity10~35℃,35~80% RH (un- condensing)
OptionalMaintenance station, offline programming system, SPC servo, bar code system.