Fully automatic in-line AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)

Fully automatic in-line AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)

Product feature:

  1. Build the properties automatically
  2. vectorized Contour Scene analysis
  3. Two full HD monitors supported
  4. 3M pixel (2048×1536) industrial camera
  5. FPC Ready


Technical Specifications:

Programming mode Automatic programming Manual programming,CAD data import,Automatic mapping
Inspection mode Whole PCB optimization,Panel form with bad mark supported
Defect Coverage Solder paste printing coverage,Offset printing,Open solder,Short solder,Presence/Absence component,Offset placement,skew,Tombstone,Wrong component,Black pad contamination,Solder pad chipout.
Image recognition vectorized Contour Scene analysis
SPC function All test data record and review by SPC
PCB size 50×55 to 330×3330 (mm), Others by customer request.
PCB warpage < 5mm or less than 2% of pcb diagonal
PCB transmission system Bottom-up automatic clamp, warpage compensation, auto-load and unload, adjust the width automatically
PCB transmission system Bottom-up automatic clamp,warpage compensation,auto-load and unload,adjust the eidth automatically
X,Y Accuracy <10um
Speed 700mm/sec
Image processing speed 0201 chip<9ms
Camera and lighting system Industrial 3M pixel color camera,RGB High-Intensity LED Ring Light
Drice system AC servo motor
Minimum part test 0201 chip & 0.3pitch IC
Software system Windows XP
Inspection Method Vectorized Contour Scene (characteristics) analysis, Full color capabilities processing.
Output Display Two 22” Full HD display
Network Communications support
Data Transfer Utility Import from CAD , Excel, Txt and other common format supported.
Machine Model VT-210 / VT-200
Weight 600KG
Equipment Dimensions 100*1020*1380mm
Equipment Comply with CE safety standards